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100% Organic Daisy Bread Flour

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100% Organic Daisy Bread Flour

2 lb - $6.50
25 lb - $54.50
50 lb - $76.50

Daisy Organic Bread Flour is certified 100% organic and kosher, and is not bleached, bromated, or enriched.  

This high gluten flour is milled from organic hard wheat. 


Typical Analysis*



Flour Protein

11 – 12.5%

Flour Moisture

Approx. 13%

Flour Ash

Approx. 0.60


* Average Specifications; may vary with each lot number

Allergen Statement: Contains Wheat

Ingredient Statement: 100% Organic Wheat

Country of Origin – U.S.A.

nutrition data

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Customer Reviews:

greypilgrim  (Friday, 01 November 2013)
Rating: 5
Daisy's entire line of flours isn't your typical American flour, nor is it your mother's flour. It is likely, though, that it is your grandmother's.
Soft winter wheat is primarily sourced regionally, while hard wheat is sourced from the midwest. The wheat is roller-milled slowly and finished to a
slightly lower protein content and higher ash content than current practice common in large, industrial mills. rnrnThe slow milling process and higher
ash content yield a flour that is, in the words of James MacGuire (in a discussion on the eGullet forums), "an expression of the nutty,
wheatiness (sic) of that " damned elusive" ideal flour, [with] discreet but nonetheless assertive flavors." I was able to see (and
taste) this difference easily when comparing a sourdough barm made with Daisy flour to one made with a well-respected, larger artisan brand of flour.
The barm made with Daisy flour showed a slight pink-orange hue indicating the presence of more of the original carotenoids present in wheat kernels,
and exuded more flavor and aroma.rnrnDaisy's Bread flour offers many of the same benefits as its all-purpose flour: a fine-ground texture which allows
it to fully hydrate more quickly, and a higher ash content than other commercial flours, making it well-suited to fermentation with wild-yeast barm
that I favor, buffering the acidity and providing an ample supply of nutrients to the yeast. But its extra two points of protein allow for stronger
doughs which yield loaves that sit higher and are more rounded without sacrificing the benefits of Daisy Flours.